Puerto Natales-El Calafate 161 miles

14/11/2018 42km

After 6 “rest” days it was to move on. I couldn’t wait to start walking again. Weather was very variable. First sun, then hail after that again sun and rain,..I didn’t know what clothes should i put on. Nevertheless, i had a great day. Traffic was really low, nature was much nicer then previous days, everything was in colors.

Without big problems i walked 42km. On left side of road i saw rest stop with roof, i decided to put a tent there overnight.

There was also older couple from Germany with camper van. We talked i little bit and before they drove to Puerto Natales, they gave big bottle of beer. 


15/11/2018 18km

At first sight place that i put my tent sounds good, but after few hours i changed my opinion. Wind was making such a noise that i was able to sleep only around 5 hours. After long day walking that was not quite enough,..Good thing was, that i had a short day in front of me. My plan was only 18km that sound like around 3-4 hours. I stopped at village Cerro Castillo that was in front of border. I put my tent in garden of one relly nice lady. I wasn’t there alone. There was also one couple from Canda that is cycling from Ushuaia to Columbia. They invited me to stay at there home when i get to Canada, that will be probaly in little less then three years.  And two couples from Switzerland traveling with car around South America. Rest if day we spend in warm kitchen sharing stories.


 16/11/2018 42km

Today i started my walk really late, around 11:30. That is why i didn’t think thay on the end i will do 42km. First i had to cross border, back to Argentina. In the moment that i came to Argentina i know where i am, but not becouse of sign, but becouse of bad road.

Lucky for me it was only 6km gravel road. On the border everything went smooth. One of the reasons why i was able to do so many km in so short time is, that there was no big climbs today, more or less road was going down. Around 19:30 i saw on right side of the road abandoned hotel, so i put tent in one of the rooms and that was it for today.


17/11/2018 12km

Today was a really short day with walking. I did only 12km and then made a stop on small gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Forecast was not good for the night ( a lot of wind ) so i decided to finish for today and i stayed in big garage that one kind men offered to me.


18/11/2018 45km

For good morning i got cofee from guy that gave me his garage to sleep in. We talk for a few minutes. My convertations here in South America are usually short, becouse i know only 10-20 words, so there is not a lotto talk about 😁

Before is started to walk i had big decision in front of me. There were two roads that would take me to El Calafate. First one is 80km shorter, but in much worse condition, 60km is unpaved, gravel road and there is no store for next 160km. Second one is longer, but it is in much better condition, paved all the way and after 80km there is small village with shop.

Yesterday i was sure that i will take longer one, but after i talked with guy in the morning i changed my mind and decide to take shorter, becouse he said, that is not in such a bad condition as they say. But after 20 minutes of walking i was sory how i decided. Toad was total disaster, only positive point of day was group of guy that gave me few eggs, so i didn’t need to worry what will i have for dinner 😉

People are taking care of me everyday. ☺️

Anay way on the end i did much more kilometres then i expected. I finished with 45km. I found my place to sleep at abandoned police station.


19/11/2018 22km

Short, but tiring day. In front me was long 22km of gravel road. And like that was not enough, very strong wind started to blow. Last 10 km i stopped every km, for few minutes becouse i didn’t have any energy left. After little more then 5 hours i came to a intersection where gravel road finished, finally. There was still blowing strong wind so i decided to finish for today. Lucky me, on intersection was a big building, it was from road maintenance company. Of course they let me pitch my tent in their garage.


20/11/2018 12km

Disaster, today was a really bad day. Wind totally destroyed my plans. In 5 hours i managed to walk only 12 km. First i was thinking to stop for a day, but it was unable ti pitch the tent becouse of the wind. I didn’t know what was the forecast for next days, and also i was low with food,..but to next town i had to walk still 82km. So i decided to hitchhike to El Chalten, stay there day or two, depends from weather and then return back to the same spot i finished my walk. Quite fast i got ride to town. They said that weather is going to be better next days, at least without wind. So i booked bus for next day to get me back to the place i stopped with my walk. I hope i will be back in El Chalten by regular way 😉


21/11/2018 23km

This night my sleep wasn’t good, despite fact that i was sleeping in bed. In the morning i first went to store, to make new stock of food for next days. After that i packed my things ans walked to bus station. First problem was that yesterday when i bought ticket, lady behind desk didn’t charge my luggage, so i today i have to donit all over again. And that wasn’t enough i payed more for luggage then for bus ticket, crazy. Next problem was that bus driver didn’t want to put me off the bus where i wanted, he said that he stays only on last station and that was 60km further from the point i finished my walk yesterday. In my broken english i explained to him what exactly i am doing. So after that he said ok. It was around one o’clock when i started to walk again. Weather was not the best, actually it was snowing a bit. But for me was just important that there was no wind. After five hours of walk i finished. I could do few more kilometres, becouse it gets dark around 21:00, but wind started to blow harder and i found good shelter to hide.

I think that in two days i should reach El Calafate.


22/11/2018 31km

Today didn’t happened anything special. In last few day it’s really hard to find good camping spot, becouse there almost no trees to hide from road and wind. After 6 hours walking i saw bridge over river and that is allways good sign. For two things. First it is good hideout from wind also source of water. I was checking where to put then and then i heard voice coming from bride above me. There was standing man and talking something to me without brake. I disn’t understand what he want. First i thought that he want’s me to leave, but after i while i realized that he is telling me that is going to be windy over the night and he offered me place to sleep in his house. Y esss, i never say no to offers like this on. 😉 After that it was time for dinner and going to sleep.


23/11/2018 41km

Finally i made to El Chalten regular way. It was long and tough day, but in the and i was happy  that i realize my plans. Today’s route was taking me a little bit down and then up, and then again down,up,…

For even nicer day took care on of passing drivers, he stopped and gave me sandwich and water 🙏

Around six i came to town and after advice of biker that i meet few days ago i went to campsite Viel. And i was really glad that i did that, becouse owner Oscar was so nice.

Oscar, campsite owner.

You can see that it was not just about money, he really want that you enjoy staying there. I was looking for camping spot, but for the same price he offered me to sleep in one the cabanas, I payed only 2,50€.

After long shower in heated bathroom ( thay is important information here in South America ) i went to to town for a cold beer. I decided to stay here two days and then move on.

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