El Calafate-El Chalten 134 miles


Instead of two days i stayed in El Calafate four days. In sunday i was in my way to store, tu buy food for next days, becouse next town is 220km away. And when i checked my wallet, there was missing my credit card. I realized that day before i left it on ATM. That is why i had to stay another day in town. In monday i went to the bank to see if maybe somebody found it and bring it back, but despite the fact the i always think positive, this time i was almost sure that i lost my credit card forever. Gentelman behind the counter i gave my passport, he opened drawer and took out a bunch of cards. After checking them he told me there is no card with my name. My last hope died,..but after that he made phone call, went to another office and after few minutes he came out with one card in his hand and yes, it was my credit card. In that moment i was so happy that also security guard noticed that and smiled at me when when i was leaving. On my way back to camp, i meet in town Anja and Barbara. Anja and Barbara are two girls from Slovenia cycling across South America. They started they trip in end of october in Ushuaia. We were i contact for a while, but we didn’t meet till now. So at the end i had a great day, we spend evening together.



Today we went to see Glacier Perito Moreno. Located is around 70km out of town. We decided to try our luck with hitchhiking, becouse bus ticket was quite expensive, around 20 euros. Anja and Barbara gor their ride quickly and i had to wait another half hour, but on the end everything went well, also with the ride back to town.

Nice family that took me to Glaciar.
Anja is trying her luck. 🙂
Glaciar Perito Moreno


I think it’s much easier to travel by hitchiking here in South America then in Slovenia. Otherwise, visiting Glaciar was another nice experience on my way.



After 4 days i was back on road. That was great feeling. It is in my blood, that after two days in same place i can’t wait to move on. Nothing special happened over the day, but it was a good day about kilometers.


Guess, who caught me today? Anja and Barbara. They finished their day on the same spot as i did. Anja found perfect place for our tents, so we were safe from the wind. Today i didn’t even need to think about dinner, becouse girls took care of that. After dinner we made camp fire so it was not cold. On evenings like this i think even more about fact how beatiful my live is! Easy but nice

Happy us 😁

30/11/2018 22km


Slovenian trio 😁💪

In the morning we together did a few kilometres, but then they got good wind in the back and took advantage of it.

Time for lunch.

But just for 15km. Around 3’clock i caught them. Together we decided thay we have enough for today, becouse wind was getting stronger. There was road construction company, so nice man alllowed us to put our tents inside of big garage.

Our place to sleep for the night.


And here is already first day in december. I don’t even have felling that is december, becouse every day is warmer instead colder. It was so warm that i was able to wear shirt with short sleeves whole day. Becouse weather here is changing really fast, usually i can wear t-shirt just for few hours and it gets colder again. My plan for today was to do more then just 22km, but around 3’o clock i stopped at abandoned house to do short break and eat something. There were already 5 cyclists and  doesn’t happen often. Usually i am by myself. So decided to stay there and hang out with them. 



Today there was nothing special. After 11km i stopped in small restaurant for a break and few empenadas. After that i walked another 27km and i was time to stop. I found one camping spot, but wind was so strong that i had to pack my things and move on to find better spot. Lucky me i found it quickly. I have another 82km to El Chalten.



When i woke up, surprise was waiting for me. Tent was full of small sand. I needed half hour to clean this mess. After that i made breakfest. Over whole day i was followed by string wind and all the time i was thinking if i will be able to find good shelter, for example some abandoned house. After 27km i noticed on my right side small building. Even fence around property didn’t scared me away. First i jumped over and check what is the situation. There was tinny room, just big enough for my tent and there was also enough place to prepare my dinner. Meanwhile outside was blowing strong wind i was sitting inside and enjoying eating soup and pasta. It was great, becouse i didn’t need to worry if my tent will survive another wind attack.



I had to do very good plan for today. Despite strong wind that was blowing form north, that means directly to my chest, i had to walk around 40km. Becouse i had enough food just for one day. In morning i decided to cook package of pasta and eat half for breakfast and other half i packed for lunch. But in advance i said to myself that i am not allowed to eat untul i walk at least 20km, that means half way. Just before my 20km guy in motorbike stopped and asked me if i need anything. First i didn’t want to say anything, but then i anyway decided to ask him if he has maybe some chocolate. He reached in his bag,l and pulled out big piece of chocolate. We shared it and he gave me also hand of nuts. After short lunch break i was again full of energy and i that moment i was sure that i will reach my daily goal. And i did it. I walked litlle less then 42km.  For dinner i ate last can of tuna and after that it was time for well deserved good night sleep.


I woke up in great, sunny day, without wind, prepared last bag of oatmeal for breakfast and start mt walk towards El Chalten. In the distance i was able to see magnificent Mt. Fitz Roy.


Mt. Fitz Roy

I arrived in town around 11 o’clock.

El Chalten
El Chalten


Anja and Barbara already found great camping, so we meet there. Next two days i spent buying things like, sunglasses, waterproof bags,..


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