El Chalten – Villa O’Higghins 48 miles


Today paved road said goodbye to us for about 400km, becouse in next days we are headed to Carretera Austral that is mostly gravel road. But despite bad surface we managed to do 32km.

Goodbye paved road. 😢


At least we had nice views.

09/12/2018 22km

For warm up we did 3km, then boat took us to other side.

Argentinian border control.

Were we passed Argentinian border control and next 5km was the hardest 5k ever!! Route was leading us thru forest, over rivers withuout brige, across swamp,..it was crazy.

Becouse track was so narrow and step Anja and Barbara had to push their and i had to carry my stroller on my back.

After few meters smile disappeared frommy face.

I also had to return 3-4 times back to bring also other stuff ( food, sleepenig bag, tent,..) Lucky me there was also another hiker who helped me with stroller for a while. After more then 6 hours we managed to finish this hard part. We were totally wet, exhausted and dirty. Girls finished litlle before so ther were so nice that they prepared dinner also for me and also found clean drinking water. Even today i am thankful them for doing that for me!


Today we did just 15km.

Every rosd leads somewhere. 😉

We stopped just before Chilenian border control in abandoned house, where we stayed next two days, becouse in wednesday we supposed to go on a next ship thay would take us to other side, where we would continue our journey on land. But, becouse this wind is making problems all the time, our ship didn’t arrive, it was to windy. I was so pissed of the i packed my things and moved to camp down below. Where at least i had drinking water and toilet. Owner was selling eggs and bread, prices were quite high, but better that, then to be hungry. There were also some other hikers waiting for ship. We hope that she will arrive tomorrow.


As soon as i woke up, i looked outside see what is weather. There was no wind, but still that didn’t mean that boat will come,..

I had so small amount of food left i didn’t even had breakfast, becouse i didn’t know how long we will stuck here. After few minutes i got great news, boat is coming!! Around 5 o’clock we finally boarded and after three hours we arriwed on other side. I still had to walk 7km to town. My original plan was to camp before town and then next day to move on. But i was so hungry that i walked that 7km, arrived in town around 10 and i went straight to restaurant to get a dinner. That day i exceeded my daily budget, but i really didn’t care, becouse i was so hungry. After good dinner i went to camp and that how my day ended.

12.12. and 13.12.2018

Next two days i was being just lazy. That means a lot of eating and resting. I decided to do two days break becouse saturday was rainy and i was not in a hurry. Last evening i spent in really good company, i didn’t laugh so much since i a started my trip.

Paola, Bernardeta from Chile and Dan from Izrael.
Some people say that this is the most expensive town in Patagonia. ( Villa O’Higghins )
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